Using Rail Trails application

Pins on the map can be touched/clicked to see additional information about selected locations with images

Under the map is a gradient of the trail giving you an idea of difficulty and whether it is uphill in or out

Maps zoom – with two fingers or by touching +/- symbols

Full screen – activated by the 4-arrow symbol

Other symbols include:

Orange or Black pin – show your current location on the map (Note – will track your movement within 5m)

House – re-centre map if you have zoomed in or out

Small green car – click for directions (will open your map app on phone or computer)

Blue GPX – allows you to download GPX file for use in other mapping apps.

Printing – if you need a paper copy of the map to take into the field (for example in areas that may have poor phone reception) you can easily print a map from a web browser. Just enlarge the map with the 4-arrows icon, change the zoom if needed and print.