Start point: Everton Upper Railway Station, White Post Road, Everton, Victoria – Directions

Distance: 16km (32km return)

Track: Good – smooth bitumen and compacted gravel, uphill out

Birds: Diamond Firetail, Rainbow Bee-eater, Varied Sitella, Grey Shrike-thrush, Grey Fantail, lots of thornbills, Golden and Rufous Whistlers, Crimson Rosella, Gang Gang Cockatoo.

Notes: This trail explores the area from Everton Station up to Beechworth. There is quite a variety of habitat from open country to forest. Just past the station is a junction which is a little confusing – left to Beechworth and right to Myrtleford. This trail is away from main roads and thus is a pleasant ride.

As you can see from the gradient below the map, this trail is UP for about 16km, with little respite. Not very steep, but quite relentless. Helps if you have an eBike! Surface is good – smooth bitumen and some compacted gravel which makes for an easy roll.

Several eroded gullies along the way – in season check for Rainbow Bee-eater, pardalote and kingfisher nesting tunnels. There is a nice little shelter about half way with water and shade if you need a break. This spot is also good for a variety of small birds. If you do the return trip it is downhill most of the way and quite exhilarating. Worth stopping at several points on the embankments to look for small foliage birds.

This trail passes through two Bushland Reserves – Murmungee I75 and I76. Both are worth exploring for a variety of birds.

Beechworth embankment